Competitive Sectors Programme (CSP), is an umbrella program under the financial cooperation between European Union and Turkey that is designed to improve the competitiveness of the enterprises in internal and foreign markets and gathers in itself the Operational Programmes implemented in 7-year periods. This umbrella program includes the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme (RCOP) and the Competitiveness and Innovation Operational Program (CISOP). The CSP, implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, aims to increase productivity, accelerate industrialization, and develop a competitive production structure for export.

This survey aims to evaluate the knowledge and perceptions of the target groups about the Program to carry out existing communication and promotional interventions more effectively. The data obtained will be used in the development of the communication strategy regarding the Competitive Sectors Programme of our Ministry.

Thus, it is important that you give complete and correct answers to the questions, as it plays an essential role in the planning of the following studies and in order for our program to be more beneficial to our beneficiaries. The information you provide within the scope of the survey, which takes about 9 minutes to fill, is precious to us.

This research is carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and WeGlobal. Although we collect some demographic indicators to produce a relevant dissemination strategy, we do not collect any personal information (such as name or ID number). The data obtained from you as a result of your opinions will only be used to produce statistics and will not be disclosed to the official, private persons or organizations individually, the information you provide will be kept confidential, and the analyzes will be made collectively.

Thank you very much for sharing your views, participation, time and support!

Ministry of Industry and Technology
Competitive Sectors Programme

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